Whether you’re needing a audio / video system for your home or office we can help. Having a consultant that will sit down with you and discuss in depth what your needs and desires are for your space and give you options that fit your desires and budget without adding in unnecessary equipment and fees. Being a technology company we don’t just install the equipment we integrate it into your home or work environment to maximize the experience.





Security Solutions

The word “Security” can take on different meanings depending on the individual and what object or objects that they are trying to secure.

For most residences and businesses it means a monitored alarm system. Only having an alarm system does not provide a security or control level to your offices that covers the time when you and your employees are in the buildings.

Although it’s not a pleasant topic to discuss, the fact is that theft by employees of small businesses totals nearly $40 billion in this country each year.

As hard as it is to believe that someone you hire to fill a trusted position in your company would actually take from you, it happens every day in all kinds of businesses and in a variety of ways. And it is estimated that up to 75 percent of all employee theft goes unnoticed.

Some experts predict that up to 30 percent of the nation’s workers will steal at some time in their career. Difficult economic times, lack of salary increases and the threats of downsizing and cutbacks make it even more tempting for employees to help themselves.

Let’s consider a few other facts:

*Property crime makes up slightly more than 75% of all crime in the United States.

*Among burglaries of nonresidential structures when time of occurrence was known, 58% occurred at night. 60% of residential burglaries occur during the daylight hours.

*Overall, in about 84% of all burglaries, the offender successfully gained entry into the victim’s property.

*A study in Connecticut showed that 41% of alarmed buildings that were burglarized did not have the security system turned on.

*This year, one in six buildings will be burglarized. Burglars will typically spend no longer than 1 minute to break into a building.

*Historically speaking, when the economy is not doing well, property crime and burglary have increased.

With the average police response time of 15 minutes all that is left after a burglary is the small amount of evidence, if there is any evidence at all, except what has been taken. Statistics show that 43% of vehicles are typically recovered and only 3% of stolen property is ever returned to the owner. We think that something more is needed to secure your valuables and that missing item is a Video Surveillance System. Businesses without CCTV Cameras are 3 to 5 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar.

Other effective uses for video surveillance systems are; to monitor visitors to your home, Major industrial concerns now make use of CCTV surveillance cameras to observe the functioning of the factory from a remote camera room, installations in offices and other commercial areas to supervise the employees and outsiders. Video Surveillance Systems will not prevent crime, but will greatly aid in crime detection and prosecution.

Another useful tool in securing your buildings and personnel is the use of Access Control equipment. Access Control devices are typically comprised by a “Limiting” or “Control” device which stops the entering or exiting of an area such devices are magnetic locks and automatic gates. To allow entering and exiting of the controlled area we use an “Authenticating” or “Access” device such as; Biometric devices which authenticate users to access control systems through some sort of personal identifier such as a fingerprint, voiceprint, iris scan, retina scan, facial scan, or signature dynamics.

The nice thing about using biometrics is that end-users do not lose or misplace their personal identifier. Smart Cards are plastic cards that have integrated circuits or storage receptacles embedded in them. “Keypads” are typically a small numbered keyboard where users are authenticated by entering a 4 to 6 digit number, keypads are the least expensive and most commonly used device. Tokens which are a handheld device that has a built-in challenge response scheme that authenticates with a computer software system.

Employing the use of these types of devices removes the “assumption” that doors have been locked, individuals are not wondering into areas where they should not be going or visitors are not gaining entrance into unauthorized areas.